AMD announced a new promotion for its 6000-series graphics cards titled ‘Raise the Game.’ The Raise the Game promotion offers new customers a free selection of AAA video games based on the tier of graphics card they purchase. The lower end graphics cards, including the 6400 and 6500 XT, come with ‘Saints Row,’ while the mid-range graphics cards come with ‘Forspoken’ on top of Saints Row.

The highest tier of AMD 6000-series graphics cards, which includes everything from the 6700 to the 6950 XT, comes with Sniper Elite 5, as well as Forspoken and Saints Row, which is a total $170 USD value, providing a significant jumpstart to the gaming careers of all new AMD customers. This promotion is likely intended to offload the remaining 6000-series stock from AMD as the hardware company prepares to release the Radeon 7000-series of cards.

Image Credit: AMD