Cisco-Meraki’s ‘Smart Workspace Solutions’ package helps managers of workspaces, public spaces, and buildings alike streamline countless processes. The Smart Workspace Solutions offer a number of convenient features for retail workers that not only improve efficiency, but also improve safety.

Through the power of the internet of things (IoT) as well as artificial intelligence (AI), Cisco-Meraki handles countless retail needs such as inventory management, risk management, device-tracking, asset management, worker management, and more. These services are provided and updated in real-time, significantly reducing the margin for human error.

This system is also easy to manage, as each of its services are accessible through separate dashboards, such as a security dashboard for safety services or a management dashboard for logistics. The security dashboard allows workspaces to verify worker identities, verify access permissions for each space, and conveniently view each identified security risk. Essentially, Cisco-Meraki’s Smart Workspace Solutions create what the company refers to as a ‘Smart Space,’ which is a highly efficient ‘Safe Space’ that is optimized for each individual workflow.

Image Credit: Cisco-Meraki