Nedap announced a new suite of smart solutions for retail checkout systems titled ‘iSenseGo.’ The iSenseGo system provides a number of benefits to both employees and customers including convenience, security, efficiency, and scalability.

Nedap noted that many retail locations that implement convenient smart features, such as self-checkouts and buy online, pick up in store services face problems with shrinkage levels. As such, the iSenseGo system was designed to maintain shrinkage levels by being the most convenient smart system while requiring minimal maintenance.

As a self-checkout system, the iSenseGo suite of solutions is engineered for quick and easy operations. However, it was imperative that the system does not disrupt the regular workflow of employees at retail locations. The resulting suite of solutions provide cost-effective solutions that allow managers to maintain a consistent, predictable team of on-site staff at any given time.

Image Credit: Nedap Retail