‘Simon Search’ is a new application created by the Simon Property Group. The app is a dedicated search platform accessible through a mobile device, a retail location’s website, or smart kiosks in the retail location. What is unique about the Simon Search tool is that it not only allows customers to search for a store’s location or search through a product inventory, but also points shoppers to exactly where a certain product is located in a certain store.

The Simon Property Group implemented the Simon Search tool across 29 of its shopping mall locations, citing that this pilot test should increase consumer attractiveness to the malls while simultaneously streamlining the experience and increasing travel efficiency. The Simon Search system is expected to contribute to bringing consumers back to physical retail locations following a lull caused by the coronavirus pandemic. On top of this, the convenience of this search tool will remove the need for employees to individually answer customers’ questions, thus freeing up employee time and improving workplace efficiency.

Image Credit: Shutterstock