The Grafton Village Cheese Co. released the ‘Truffle Cheddar’ cheese block for fans of the premium fungi. The cheddar is delicately crafted with unpasteurized cow milk, is lightly salted, and is infused throughout with rich Italian truffles and truffle oil. The resulting cheese block has the signature musky, earthy taste of truffle combined with the salty, savory taste of authentic cheddar cheese.

According to the company, this cheese has a unique semi-firm texture that makes it a perfect choice for a variety of meals and snacks alike. The Truffle Cheddar can be eaten on its own, can be baked into savory pies and dishes, and can be spread on a number of pastries, crackers, and more. Additionally, the musky, earthy flavor palate of the truffles pairs excellently with natural sweeteners such as honey or syrup, creating a satisfying experience for the consumer.

Image Credit: The Grafton Village Cheese Co.