45 Day

Do you love vinyl records? If you do, you’ll love 45 Day.

45 Day’s “45” refers to 45-rpm vinyl records. They are sometimes called singles or 7-inches, but they are also known as donuts due to the hole in their middle. People all over the world love 45s and the 45 rpm record is gaining popularity.

This day was created to celebrate the 7-inch record. 45 Day’s purpose is to not only celebrate music, but also to promote records sales and record stores.

Let’s look at where 45 Day originated and how you can get involved.

Christos Christou created 45 Day to celebrate the 7-inch record. In 2020, the day was introduced to celebrate the music and the record stores.

Since the late 40s, the humble 45 has been around. Despite being discontinued in the 1990s, 45s have been back in fashion and are growing in popularity. Vinyl records are being sold in record shops again, and artists are releasing singles and albums on vinyl.

The 45 Day was the first ever to take place online, even though the entire world was under lockdown. There were 52 DJ mixes and a radio show that was live streamed for two hours.

A Brazilian billionaire is the one to beat, no matter how proud of your vinyl collection. His personal collection is over 6,000,000 and growing. He buys out all the stores that close down and has a team of buyers who regularly travel to Europe to purchase stock and attend auctions.

45 Day DJs come together to celebrate the event. You can submit your DJ mixes to be featured on the website. You can also stream 45s live on the internet, or at live radio events.

You don’t have to be a DJ, but you can still enjoy the music. You can participate and watch the event live from wherever you are by streaming it on radio or via live stream.

The 45 Day website has interviews and articles on DJs, promoters, producers, and radio hosts.

You can also celebrate by going to the local record shop and purchasing some 45s on vinyl. Take them home, and then spin the black circle. Everybody has that one record they treasure. It is high time that it was rediscovered and enjoyed.


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