4pm Finish Day

4pm Finish Day

It’s a familiar feeling. We’ve been working all day, and 5 o‚Äôclock is dragging down. But, it’s only an hour away. As the clock ticks, you can hear the slow, doomsday sound that brings on a stop to work. This signales the end of perdition and the beginning of paradise. The all-important question “Why Wait?” is asked at 4pm Finish Day. It’s time for you to sail early and leave ship at 4 o’clock in the morning. Why should we wait until 5 o’clock?

Red Bull realized that employees needed a little more time during the day and decided to give people an hour extra. The Red Bull team emphasized the importance of providing employees with tools that would increase productivity and allow them to finish their workday without any lags. They wanted to stress two things with the 4pm Finish Day. The first is that everyone works hard and puts in extra hours. Everyone deserves a weekend off. Another is that productivity can be increased, which means less work at the end.

When Finish Day arrives at 4 pm, make a plan. Set your goals for the day and stick to them. Although it may seem daunting, if you put in enough effort and are committed to achieving your goals, you will be able get out the door by 4pm without letting anything go. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, it’s already 4 pm. That means it’s time to get home.

All it takes is a little planning. This will allow you to start your day productively, and finish your day with a clear head and a calendar. Talk to your boss to see if you can make arrangements to allow everyone to leave an hour earlier on Finish Day at 4pm. Or if there is a way to reward those who achieve their goals by allowing them to leave early. Perhaps you are a service or production worker and the matter is to close down the company for the day. No matter what your situation, they won’t allow you to stay after 4pm on the Finish Day.


Sep 16 2023


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