Active Dog Month

Active Dog Month

Did you know that April is Active Dog Month! Om Shanti Pups created April as Active Dog Month. It’s all about spring and being active with your furry friend. It can be difficult to motivate yourself after a cold winter. Active Dog Month is a wonderful way to get exercise and bond with your best friend.

Om Shanti Pups’ blog, which focuses on holistic and natural ways to care for your dog, inspired the creation of Active Dog Month. Blogger Natasha Thompson created Om Shanti Puppy Month after experiencing cabin fever with her dog in Alaska. She declared April Active Dog Month. This month is dedicated to keeping your dog happy, active, and healthy.

Om Shanti Pups offers many activities and ideas for Active Dog Month. Her website gives tips for keeping your dog active. She suggests starting with 10 minute walks, playing chase, frisbee, nose work, and learning how to get them on a leash. You can also find puzzle games and dog games on her website. Om Shanti Pups has a wonderful holistic blog that you can follow. If you are looking for great ways of keeping your dog healthy, Om Shanti Pups has it. Follow her on social media.

Spend April with your dog and get more active! Enjoy longer walks, exploring new places, and spending time in the sun! To get started, all you need is a leash. Find new and creative ways to log your dog’s beneficial activity. A happy dog is a tired dog, after all! But it’s not all about physical activity. It’s a great way to keep your dog busy and have fun together. You can keep your dog’s mind sharp by playing puzzles or hide and seek to stimulate their senses. You can tag #ActiveDogMonth on social media with photos of your dog and use the hashtag #ActiveDogMonth. This will help friends and family learn more about the holiday.


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