Adopt A Ferret Month

Adopt A Ferret Month

Who doesn’t love ferrets? Ferrets are soft, fluffy balls of fur that love jumping, falling, and squeaking! Ferrets can be a fun pet that will bring joy to your home, even though they aren’t very common. Unfortunately, ferret adoption is not common. Adopting a ferret month is April. It’s a month dedicated to educating people about ferrets, and how they can be obtained. Let’s look at the characteristics of ferrets and how to get one into your home.

Adopting a ferret month is about informing people about ferrets, and how to care for them. Although the holiday has many roots, the Ferret Association of Connecticut is the best way to get involved and help achieve its goals. FACT was the first organization to provide information on domestic ferrets. FACT provides resources by listing shelters in your local area, facts about ferrets, what they are like as pets, and information that you can get involved in.

While ferrets can be loved and a joy to own, they are also a big responsibility. FACT offers information on how to care for ferrets, what to do before you adopt one, and what it is like to live with them every day. It is important to understand the differences between adoption centers and pet shops. Also, it is important to know the signs of ferret behavior. This holiday, regardless of where you live, is dedicated to educating the public about ferret adoption.

You should do extensive research on ferrets and their personalities to determine if you are able to afford one. If you have made that decision and it is confirmed, you can search FACT’s shelter directory for a shelter near you. After your ferret is approved for adoption or purchase, use the hashtag #adoptaferretmonth to share your joy with your friends. Social media can be used to share FACT websites to your family and friends, and to educate others about the ferret.


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