Adult Learners Week

Save the date: 19 – 25 September 2022 (with promotional activity taking place throughout September)
The campaign celebrates the achievements of learners and adult learning provision across Wales, inspiring thousands of adults each year to engage in a wide range of learning opportunities whilst raising awareness of the value of adult learning.

Lifelong learning is seen by many as part of the solution to a range of pressing global issues including rapidly changing economies and labour markets, climate change policies and a mental health crisis. It can improve productivity, cultivate better health and well-being, engage people in democratic processes; and build a more equitable society.

In Wales we are facing many challenges – there is a growing trend of working-age adults being under-qualified and lacking essential skills. Almost half of adults from the lowest socioeconomic groups have not received any training since they left full-time education.

We want Adult Learners’ Week to be the catalyst that inspires and mobilises people to change their story to lead better and more fulfilling lives. The campaign will offer people a second chance and the confidence they need to move forward and access learning opportunities and to seek advice and guidance.

This is achieved by collaborating with a whole host of private and public organisations on the promotion of online and in-person taster sessions, events , short courses, resources, promotional activity and guidance and support on careers and skills – all signposted through the Adult Learners’ Week online learning platform. Adults can learn new skills, gain a qualification, explore career pathways, improve their health, wellbeing and confidence, connect with other people or discover a new passion or hobby.

Together we can create increased visibility and momentum for lifelong learning in Wales and inspire more adults to move forward and build a better future with confidence.

We want to work with you to promote opportunities for adults to build their skills and to make lifelong learning more accessible.

Join our network of partners to deliver live tutorials and events for the campaign and we’ll promote any courses and resources on the site.

We want to work with you to:

Promote your provision and engage with new and existing audiences by offering opportunities to learn
Connect people in Wales to get support with health & wellbeing, learning and employment opportunities
Become a part of the Wales-wide campaign partnership that advocates lifelong learning
Share positive and aspirational stories that will inspire others to participate in lifelong learning

If you would like to join our campaign complete our Stakeholder form to express your interest in the campaign.

Please note, if you already have an account on our campaign website or you have previously worked with us, you won’t need to complete the form.

If you have any questions or need help with your account, please email:

The campaign is coordinated by Learning and Work Institute Wales (L&W) in partnership with the Welsh Government and the European Social Fund and other partners such as The Open University in Wales, Agored Cymru, Qualifications Wales, Adult Learning Wales, and National Centre for Learning Welsh.


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