Adventure Day

Adventure Day

Are you a good person? Do you think you are still able to imagine adventures? It’s hard to imagine flying with Peter Pan when you are jumping from a tree. As we age, we lose sight of the fact that life is an ever-expanding adventure. You have the option of living your life with wide-eyed joy and taking risks, or waiting for the inevitable to happen. Adventure Day reminds us we are only here for a brief time and that every day is an opportunity to have an adventure.

What is in a word? If you look back enough, you’ll find that it has Latin roots with the word adventure, which in turn became “aventure” in French. This word was used to describe the fate of a man who chose to stay at home and not go out and explore the world around him. A journey was when you took life by the hands and lived it.

Adventurers weren’t bound by fate, but rather took on the challenges of life to make their own. Our ability to overcome physical, mental, and emotionally challenging situations allows us to grow and free ourselves from the hand of fate. You can take a great risk by taking up mountain climbing, skydiving or simply chatting with a stranger in a coffee shop.

Adventure Day reminds us to make every day an adventure, and to not let fate decide our fate is to lose our lives.

Every moment of our lives, even when we are young, is an adventure. We experience every moment with our eyes wide open, whether we are in the backyard creating grand stories or transforming our backyards into a rich world of play, and even merely trying new foods.

Adventure Day encourages adventurers to face the world with enthusiasm and without fear. It recognizes that life is meant to be lived and that every day brings joy.


Oct 15 2023


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