African Heritage and Health Week

African Heritage and Health Week

Africa’s rich heritage of nutritious and delicious food is a great source of inspiration for the world. African Heritage & Health Week aims to share their culture with the rest. They have spread their rich tradition of delicious food all over the globe, mixing it with local cuisine to create something new and familiar.

Their influence is felt throughout the Caribbean, South America, South America and other parts of the world. These delicious traditions are brought to the world by African Heritage & Health Week.

This event was started to bring attention to the rich traditions and delicious flavors of African heritage cuisine by Oldways. This non-profit aims to educate the public about nutrition and food around the globe. They encourage everyone to enjoy at least one meal inspired by African-American Ancestors during the holiday.

They were established as part of Black History Month. They have been thrilled to witness the rise of African heritage foods like yucca root and millet.

This holiday is more than just a celebration of the history of a country’s food. It also helps to fight the spread of food-related diseases that occur when traditional food is no longer available.

As African Americans have lost their traditional foods, diabetes, obesity and heart disease are all on the rise.

African Heritage & Health Week aims to reintroduce these foods for those who have lost them, and to share pride in their heritage as well as support their health.

People and organizations around the globe organize events that center on this holiday. Families gather to enjoy traditional food and banquets are held to introduce the community more African Heritage cooking.

Everybody can enjoy the delicious flavors of African traditional foods and everyone should try at least one dish during African Heritage & Health Week. Oldways offers classes that will help you discover this cuisine, called “A Taste of African Heritage” of ATOAH.

Click the link to learn more about these classes and include African traditional cuisine in your celebration. It’s amazing to see the variety of food that you might discover while exploring this ancient cuisine.


Feb 01 - 07 2023


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