Aged Care Employee Day

People joke about it as they get older, especially when our parents start to take advantage of us young people. “Remember Dad, I get to choose what Home you go into,” Home is the universal specter of all independent adults, the Adult Care Facility. Many of us wouldn’t think of sending our parents somewhere horrible. But it is important to remember those men and women who make these facilities a welcoming and warm place. The Aged Care Employee Day reminds people that we have someone to look after our elderly when we aren’t there.

The Whiddon Group realized that International Nurses Day did not cover enough people to show appreciation and support all those who care for the elderly. They took steps to rectify that. Nearly 80% of those who provide Aged care aren’t doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals. They are janitors and kitchen staff, as well as volunteers who dedicate their time to making our golden years comfortable and supportive.

The Nurses are an integral part of Aged Care, but without the help of drivers, cleaners, cooks, chefs, hospitality teams, laundry workers, and others who take care of all the little details that make things run smoothly, it would be impossible for things to move forward. These individuals interact with loved ones throughout their work, building meaningful friendships and relationships that make sure that loneliness is not one of the experiences they have in the facility.

Bring something to show your appreciation to the Aged Care Facility staff next time you visit loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you bring a simple bouquet of flowers or a care package with items that brighten their day, ease their burdens, or even chocolate, it’s a great way for them to know how much you appreciate their hard work. Even if you only stop by to thank them, it is important to remember the importance of their role.


Jul 08 2023


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