Air Conditioning Appreciation Day

Air Conditioning Appreciation Day

Inventions are often born out of a curiosity and a desire to solve a problem that is common in daily life. Air conditioning is one such problem that has been around for thousands of years. Air conditioning is no longer a problem since the invention and use of the AC. However, many people would not have the comforts they enjoy today without the AC. Let’s talk about Air Conditioning Appreciation day!

Many ancient civilizations had sophisticated cooling methods that could be used to cool down in the heat of summer before the invention of air conditioning. For example, the Persians had underground tunnels that transported water for crops. As hot air cools the water, cold air escapes the shafts. This cools down basements and leads to the inhabited areas. This same design was used by the Romans to cool down their stone buildings and walls. Ice is a natural phenomenon. The Roman Emperors used ice to cool off. These fans have been around since Ancient China’s Han Dynasty. Hundreds of years later, the United States would combine these methods with damp sheets to cool itself off. The invention of the AC was made possible by Telsa’s invention of osculating fans.

In the United States, 1902 was born. Willis Haviland Carrier, a man who was involved in industrialization at the time, was looking for a way to regulate humidity in his printing plant. The air that passes through water-filled coils cools off, which helps maintain paper dimensions and ink alignments. He invented it initially for his printing company, but his invention was highly sought after, and he founded the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America. ACs are essential to all homes and cars today. This was a significant increase in the 1950s. Air Conditioning Appreciation Day is a day that celebrates this amazing invention and its long history.

This cool holiday is your chance to celebrate! Make sure your AC is maintained on a regular basis. This will ensure it works as well as it can. Give your AC a break by cleaning and changing the air filters. Also, share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #airconditioningappreciationday and let everyone know what day it is today.


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