Alien Day

Alien Day is a great day to celebrate and recognize the amazing world of Alien(s). Alien has been a fascinating, intense and unique look at the question of whether there is other life in the universe, starting with the 1979 film. It has been around for more than 40 years.

Alien Day is the perfect day to ask whether life exists in other places.

A Sci-Fi subculture created Alien Day to celebrate the Alien films. A group of people from Brooklyn, New York, USA celebrated the first “unofficial” Alien Day in spring 2015.

The date chosen has a meaning. 4/26 refers the designation of the moon in Alien 1. LV-426, which is the name of moon where the xenomorphs were discovered by Ridley Scott in 1979.

Alien Day began as an official celebration in 2016. In 2016, 20th Century Fox, the producer of Alien movies, started sponsoring events. A trivia challenge, which lasted 24 hours, was one of the events that took place that year. Between midnight and midnight, Alien trivia questions (a total 35 questions) were posted to Twitter every 42.6 mins. Prizes included collectibles or wearables that are related to the film.

2016. was an important year, as it coincided with the 30th anniversary for Alien’s sequel, Aliens. The date of Aliens’ release was not the actual day, but rather a reference to the planetoid where the film was set, LV-426 (also known as 4/26).

Alien Day was created with the hope that more people will learn about it and celebrate the amazing world of Alien(s)! That is what Alien Day continues to be as Sci-Fi lovers all over the globe are now aware of it and enjoy it!

Fans of the franchise can enjoy this day in a variety of ways, depending on their preference. These are some ideas to try:

Six films make up the Alien franchise. It could take you a lot of time to watch them all in sequence. But diehard Alien fans won’t mind! These are the movies in this order.

Alien is much more than a film series! There are many written and illustrated books that add to the enjoyment of Alien’s world. Special releases of comic books and novels have often been coordinated with Alien Day. Check out your local bookstore to find new releases!

Alien video games can be downloaded to any computer or mobile device. The Alien brand started releasing video games in 1982, using the Atari classic game player. This has continued for many years.

They’ve been available on PC, XBox and Playstation since then. Alien: Blackout is the most recent video game in this franchise. It was released on Alien Day 2020.

You can either pick one up at your local game shop, or you can download it online.


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