Amagwinya Day

Amagwinya Day

Johnny Cakes is your favorite? Are you a fan of Dutch Oliebol? Do you feel like it’s an instant party when you grab a Sopalillas! Amagwinya Day will bring you another joyous moment by introducing you the Afrikaner Amagwinya. This fried dough bread is extremely popular in the whole South African Region. These breads are a great way to start your day.

The discovery that flour can be magically made from yeast is something that nearly every culture has experienced. Amagwinya is similar to fried dough breads in texture and composition. However, its most popular recipes are far from the sweet and creamy fillings most people associate with doughnuts. Amagwinya, which is Zulu in its origin, can be translated to simply “fat cake”.

Amagwinya is believed to have its roots in the Dutch Oliebol, which was brought down by trade and travelers. It has since become a popular favorite among the people. The two most popular ways to prepare it are to fry the dough and then open it up to stuff it with a savory curry-based meat filling. This common food is warm, filling and can be found everywhere people go, from open-air markets to Joburg’s mass transit system. Amagwinya Day will offer you the chance to explore a new range of cuisines that follow a familiar theme if you love all things savory or fried.

If you don’t have an African food market or restaurant nearby, it is best to make your own. You can find common recipes online that will give you a base to work from and a flavour profile to experiment with. You can then expand your menu by adding other South African dishes such as Snoek (a relative of Barracuda) to your repertoire.


Aug 01 - 30 2023


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