American Education Week

American Education Week

This week is American Education Week!

The concept of a free or public education for all American children is not a new one. Its roots lie with our Founding Fathers, when Thomas Jefferson proposed a system of decentralised education in Virginia. Successful across the US, it did however it take a few more years until American Education Week was created!

Celebrated the week before Thanksgiving, American Education Week has been recognised since 1921. Following on from World War I when it was discovered that many of the military draftees were illiterate, the American Legion and the American Education Association joined together to develop ways in which public education could be improved and highlighted. Since then many other public educational organisations have joined forces to promote the awareness campaign and provide vast amounts of information and materials for all to use.

American Education week exists to celebrate the potential of all American Students, recognize and give thanks to the teachers and professionals working within the education system as well as honoring the parents and guardians who support and encourage. It also works to continuously improve the education system and ensure that learning is lifelong and not just restricted to a class room!

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Nov 14 - 20 2023


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