American Football Day

American Football Day

Each side has eleven players, each scrambling to find a pigskin ball. What could be more? Get out your foam finger and start cheering because it’s American Football Day!

American football, also known as “football” in Canada and the US, has been around since the late 1800s. The Rutgers College and Princeton College teams played the first American football match. Both schools are located in New Jersey.

Although the current ball is longer, inspired by rugby, it was still round. The original ball could not be picked or carried. There were 25 players in the team at that time.

American football evolved over time with more rugby-style rules, and only 11 players per team. Some players started to be paid to play in important games in the 1890s. This led to professional football. In 1920, the first National Football League (NFL), game was held in Ohio between the Dayton- and Columbus teams.

Football is a popular American pastime. This sport is sure to be a hit with youth, college, and professional football games played across North America during the fall and winter football seasons. Despite the inevitable injuries, football is loved by both players and fans. It often builds community and encourages sportsmanship.

American Football Day was created to celebrate this loved sport!

These ideas will help you enjoy the excitement and fun of American Football Day.

Football games are common in America during the months September to December. A football game is possible in almost any American town, whether it’s a youth league teaching young children to play or a rivalry among high schools. Although the ticket prices will be higher in larger cities and universities, professional and college football games are also available.

You can always watch an American football match on TV. Although the camaraderie with other football fans may not be as strong, there are still more people and you can make your own snacks. Have a celebration with your friends and family by inviting them to watch the game.

If you are looking to do more than simply watch, it is possible to organize a local football match with your friends. Although this game is usually a tackle match, some people might prefer to play a more casual version of touch football. This style of play requires little equipment, really just a football.


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