Amnesty International Day

Amnesty International Day

Since the 1960’s, human rights have been a major topic in international and local politics. Amnesty International is fighting for human rights, including the right to marry the person we choose or ending child labor around the globe. Amnesty International Day promotes human rights and raises awareness about their abuses.

This event invites everyone, regardless of their race, nationality, or culture, to get involved in various events around the globe to protect human rights. Amnesty is involved in many issues, including torture, sexual and reproductive freedom, international justice and disappearances and armed conflict. It plays an important role in assisting those wrongly imprisoned and bringing perpetrators to justice.

Understanding the significance of Amnesty International Day boils down to understanding the importance and importance of human rights. The fundamental freedoms we all have, including human rights, are key to our humanity. It was demonstrated that basic rights were not always guaranteed during WW2. Eleanor Roosevelt, former first lady of the United States, and the United Nations gathered in 1948 to address this problem.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was the result of their collaboration. This declaration is what Amnesty International strives to implement and protect. Therefore, Amnesty International Day really revolves around this declaration. These statutes are crucial because they are based upon basic needs such as respect, dignity and equality. These are fundamental rights that all human beings should have. Unfortunately, human rights violations continue to occur every day in the world. It is clear that there is much work to be done. This is why Amnesty International Day is so important.

Amnesty International was established for the first time in July 1961, in London. Peter Benenson, an English labor attorney, was inspired to create this organization after hearing about two Portuguese students who were held for seven years in prison after having “drank a toast to freedom.” Eric Baker of The Religious Society of Friends and many other intellectuals including writers and lawyers, wrote an article called “The Forgotten Prisoners” which would be published in The Observer in May 1961. The appeal quickly grew to become an organization that would strive to make the world a better place and ensure that every person has access to basic human rights.

This organization’s tireless efforts have been crucial in exposing violations of human rights and working towards changing government policy. They were accused of everything, from spying (1980’s Russia), to protecting the criminal element (the Moroccan government), but their work was not always well-received. They are actually champions for the poor and oppressed, and they work daily to ease the suffering of those who face famine, war trials, or seek asylum.

Amnesty International is committed to protecting children, women and men around the world from injustices that would deny their truth, dignity and justice. This organization exposes abuses of power, resources, and people. A lot of cases they have handled can be viewed here. It is a global movement that involves more than seven millions people around the world. This makes it the largest grassroots human rights organization in the world. This organization plays a vital role in creating a safer world for all and helping those who need it.

It is a great way to celebrate Amnesty International Day by helping to raise awareness among friends and family about the struggles faced by the downtrodden around the globe. It is a good idea to educate yourself about the areas where Civil Liberties may be most at risk. Amnesty International sponsors many events, including fundraisers and benefit concerts. These events help to sustain the organization and raise funds. Amnesty International has done great work over the years. However, the organization faces many challenges and needs new partners every year. Get out there and make the world a better place.

You can also mark Amnesty International Day by spending some time learning about the cases the organization has assisted. Some of their recent successes include the modification of Morocco’s law so that victims of rape are no longer required to marry their abusers. They played an important role in securing justice for Angel Colon (a Mexican torture survivor), as well as controlling weapons sales. Their website also has information about current cases. If you would like to pledge allegiance to the organization, you can also sign a petition. Volunteering in one of their offices around the globe is a great way to save a few hours.


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