Animal Road Accident Awareness Day

No animal deserves to be left in the road like rubbish following a road traffic accident.
Today is a day to remember the fallen, and to help spread the message of how there’s still a chance to change the fate of those who have not yet found themselves in this position. So many animals never getting the option of a second chance, for no other reason but the driver didn’t see their lives as important enough to give them a second thought. All animals deserve a chance of survival.

Every day in the UK, 630 cats will be hit by cars. 25% of hits will be fatal, meaning 75% have a good chance at survival if the driver seeks help straight away. Find out how you can help if you hit or find a cat in the road on our website.
In Britain, annual road casualties are estimated to account for 100,000 fox deaths, 50,000 badgers, 50,000 deer, 30 million birds and 29% of hedgehogs. Based on statistical analysis of those potentially unrecorded, the realistic death rate is estimated to be around 70million animals. A waste of life summed up in numbers that are hard to comprehend.

Wildlife casualties should be reported to your nearest wildlife rescue at They are specifically trained to care for and rehabilitate wildlife. Domestic pets should be taken to the nearest veterinary practice, alive or deceased. Persons taking injured animals to a veterinarian will not incur costs. Veterinarians are only obliged to administer pain relief to relieve suffering so ensure pets are microchipped and the details kept up to date.

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