Anzac Day

Each country has its own day to remember those who have died for their freedoms, traditions, or homeland. Anzac Day is a day of remembrance that Australia and New Zealand have for all those who served their country with distinction, even those who didn’t make it home. No matter where you are in the world, fallen soldiers of countries everywhere deserve your admiration and respect. So on Anzac Day, take the time to read about these countries and pay tribute with honor.

Anzac Day’s history is complicated by the fact that Anzac means “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.” This is where the name for Anzac, the soldier who was killed in the war, comes from. This day of remembrance falls on the anniversary of major casualties in their wars. This is why Australia and New Zealand hold it in high regard and commemorate it every year with due solemnity.

Adelaide, South Australia was the first place to celebrate Anzac Day in 1916. It also houses the first memorial ever built to this holiday. As World War II progressed, the importance of commemoration grew. More soldiers died around the globe. These aren’t the only wars these amazing men and women have fought. They also fight for women’s rights and gay rights.

It may be difficult to celebrate Anzac Day if you are not in Australia/New Zealand. We don’t fully understand the roles that other military played in the history of wars around the world. This is a tragedy for most countries’ education. There are men and women in every country who risk their lives to defend their country. Whether they were friends or foes, holidays such as this remind us that we all share the same planet and have friends and families who make sacrifices to send their children to war.


Apr 25 2023


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