Apple Cider Day

Apple Cider Day

Apple cider is a delicious, richly seasoned drink that warms both the soul and the stomach. It’s one of the best joys of Autumn. You get the distillation of a whole summer’s worth of growth, while the apple was soaking up the sun’s nourishing rays and dancing gently in the wind and storms. It is then pressed and delivered to the people who have waited all year for this moment: a warm glass if spiced apple cider. Apple Cider Day celebrates this historic sweet beverage and commemorates its journey.

Apple Cider Day is rooted in the history of this same beverage. It has been enjoyed in many forms since as long as apple and press have existed. Cider, also known in other parts of the world as fermented apple juice, is made in a similar way to beer. It is an unfermented beverage that is simply the result of pressing the apples. It is not filtered or sweetened like apple juice. Instead, the result is a drink with excellent body and natural flavors to please the taste buds.

Although you can buy this beverage at any grocery store, we believe that apple cider is best made from local farms and mills that use apples from their own orchards. Industrially produced cider is not made from standard apples. These farms use apples that have undergone the natural growing process and are often of an apple strain found only in their orchards.

This allows the Apple Cider connoisseur to enjoy a unique local flavor, which is different from the mass-produced variety.

Apple Cider Day can be celebrated by going to your local farm or mill to find apple cider. While you can enjoy the taste of industrially made cider throughout the year, it is not the best time to indulge in the bland, uninspired flavors of ciders that are produced on large scale. Do not settle for less than the very best. Get fresh apple cider to celebrate Apple Cider Day.


Nov 18 2023


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