Assistance Dog Day

Assistance Dog Day

Many people with disabilities or illnesses live with assistance dogs, which improve their quality of life. Every year, a special day is dedicated to these four-legged friends.

Assistance Dog Day recognizes and honors assistance dogs and their trainers. It aims to raise awareness and funds for the important work they do. It is part International Assistance Dog Week. This annual event was started by Marcie Davis, a long-standing paraplegic.

There are many types of assistance dogs. These include the well-known hearing and guide dogs. But there are also seizure alert and medical dogs that can recognize the signs of strokes, heart attacks and epilepsy.

Assistance Dog Day is celebrated with a variety of events, including talks, sponsored dog walks and ceremonies, as well as dog shows, talks, talks, and graduation ceremonies. Open days and tours are held by many assistance dog training facilities on this day in order to showcase the hard work they do.


Apr 08 2023


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