Aura Awareness Day

Aura Awareness Day

It has been well known for centuries that every person emits an aura. The aura is a subtle, luminous radiation that surrounds a person and changes in size, shape, and colour depending on our mood. Auras are likened to the halos above saints’ heads in different religions. The aura is believed to be stronger and more powerful than the person who has it. However, all people are thought to have one regardless of their age or gender.

An aura may also indicate that you are suffering from certain diseases. Some people have difficulty seeing auras, but with some training and discipline, most people can tune in to their own auras and those of others.

People often talk about happy pregnant women, people who are deeply in love and “glowing”, or a talented stage performer being just “radiant”. All of these situations are times when we can see the aura that the person we are talking of emits.

Since ancient times, the concept of the aura is a part of Indian religions. The colors of the Buddhist flag are similar to those of Buddha’s enlightenment. Both Buddhist and Hindu scholars have found that the colors used to symbolize our auras are linked to Kundalini energy, chakras, and Kundalini energy. We often see halos around heads of the holy in the Christian and Islamic religions. This is the idea of a “body light”.

British occultist W.E. Butler linked auras to clairvoyance and believed that auras could be used as visual indicators of health. Aura Day was created in 2002 to raise awareness about the importance of auras in our health and well-being. A number of seminars are held worldwide to help people tune in to their auras and contemplate them. These auras can be seen and felt by special techniques.

This is the best way to celebrate. You need to take care of your energy field daily to keep your teeth healthy.

Meditation, prayer and a variety of exercises can help you achieve this. As they are responsible for our happiness, health, and good luck, our auras can bring many benefits to your life.

We can increase our ability detect dangers and opportunities by taking care of our auras. Your auras can help you fight off various illnesses, from the common cold to the most serious. If we keep going on the right track, our auras can also help us connect non-locally to those we care about.


Nov 27 2023


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