Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance Month

It is not something we can ignore or find a cure for, but it is something we can learn from the experiences of others who live with it every day. Many remarkable people have faced prejudice from the world as children because they were different. But it didn’t make them less of who they are. Autism Acceptance Month helps us realize that, while some people face challenges, others who face the world are just like us.

Dr. Rimland founded the Society for Autism in 1965 to promote research, help, as well as guidance, for people with autism. It also helps those living with those with autism to gain a better understanding about what is happening with their loved ones. The Society for Autism helped to create Section 504 in the Disability Act to protect and recognize people with autism.

They started their campaigns in the 1970’s and they are still going today. Autism Acceptance Month was created to foster understanding and inclusion between people with autism. Autism’s face isn‚Äôt fixed. There are many ways it can present. Each person with autism faces unique challenges, depending on their position on the spectrum and the facets they are most affected by.

To gain an understanding of autism and how to support them, it is worth attending a conference or seminar. You can also participate in a sponsored run, walk, or marathon to support autism research. A ribbon featuring a multicolored jigsaw design that depicts the complexity of autism can be purchased as an Autism Awareness Ribbon. This ribbon helps fund research and educate the public about the lives of people with this condition.

You can help someone with autism or celebrate your achievements living with autism.


Apr 01 - 30 2023


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