Bathtub Party Day

Bathtub Party Day

This nursery rhyme says, “Ruba-dub dub-dub three men in one tub.”

People who hear these lyrics today may wonder why three men were in a bathtub and their motives. Maybe they were having a …. bathtub party. What?

That’s right! You can spend a whole day pouring your favorite essential oils or bubble bath liquid and taking a warm bath. Even for shower-lovers, there is nothing quite like a relaxing soak in the tub.

What about those three men who were in the tub with you? It’s best to think that they were celebrating Bathtub Party Day!

Thomas and Ruth Roy own Bathtub Party Day. They love it so much that they even copied it. They have a website that offers a variety of fun celebrations and also has essential oil recipes and herbs for aromatherapy. These are all perfect for this day.

It is not clear when the first Bathtub Party Day was held, but it appears that it was in the early 2000s. It has gained popularity ever since.

A bath is incomplete without bubbles, so add them to your bath. Baths with essential oils are often more relaxing and satisfying for many people.

Once you have all the logistics figured out, grab a towel and go. Then, fill your bathtub with warm water. Turn off your cell phone and turn on some relaxing music. Imagine how peaceful it will feel to be surrounded with warm water, soothing fragrances, and lovely candles. It will be difficult to find a reason to not celebrate Bathtub Party Day.

Bath bombs are a rage in recent years. There are many bath bomb scents that will make anyone happy, from inexpensive ones you can buy at your local dollar store to luxurious bath bombs made by Lush. Some even contain glitter!

You can also make them at home. These scents are perfect for a Bathtub Party Day

Because this holiday is important, it’s encouraged to celebrate with friends, wine, and hot chocolate. It’s not just Bathtub Day. This is Bathtub Party Day. People should take this opportunity to have a social event with their friends.

You can also create your own bathtub party with your imagination. You can move the bathtub to a hot tub or a pool if it isn’t large enough for everyone.

Purchase a new bathtub

It is true that most US homes and apartments already have a bathtub, so you can assume it is covered. You might want to consider a bathtub party day-inspired investment. Try a copper tub made from old-fashioned copper. A Victorian clawfoot is a great choice for relaxing baths.

Here are some ideas for crazy bathtubs for those who feel particularly committed to the day:

It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn‚Äôt shared on social media. You can help spread the word about Bathtub Party Day by sharing your beautiful selfie from a bubble bath (perhaps before the hair gets dipped and the makeup is removed). This day is considered a rite-of-passage. You can even take a photo of your feet on the tap, and then you’re done!


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