Be a Kid Again Day

Be a Kid Again Day

Children have so much fun just being out in the world. You can be a kid again by celebrating Be a Kid Again Day.

Smiles, laughter and playing are all part of childhood. This is what childhood is all about. Children often possess a simpleness that encourages curiosity and wonders at the simplest things.

Be a Kid Again Day allows you to remember all the things that made your childhood so great.

Be a Kid Again Day gives adults the chance to have fun with the simple, silly and absurd. These are some ideas to celebrate:

Take a swing. You can take a slide down. You can spin on a merry go-round. Jump barefoot across a stream. Imagine the shapes of the clouds as you lie in the grass. You can see an ant hill. Jump through a sprinkler.

Keep it simple. Be a Kid Again Day offers many opportunities to do things that might normally be considered inappropriate for adults. You can take advantage of these opportunities and embrace your inner child.

Do you need inspiration? These films are inspired by Be a Kid Again Day.

Donating to charity is one way to commemorate this day. A Kid Again, a USA non-profit organization that offers fun-filled adventures to families of children with life-threatening diseases, is available. The program allows siblings, parents and children to have fun and lets them be themselves. This is particularly important for children who have been forced to grow up quickly due to illnesses, surgery, hospital visits, and treatment.

A Kid Again is a volunteer network that provides support and practical assistance to families affected by illness.


Aug 07 2023


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