Be Bald and Be Free Day

Be Bald and Be Free Day

For generations, balding heads have been a problem that has led to many solutions, including Wigs, Toupees and long hair at the front. Why is there a need for a solution? Bald and Free Day is a day to honor the chrome-dome, cue-ball, and the magnificently shaved head. Keep your chin up! You can be sure that such a day exists. It is called Bald and Free Day.

Be Bald and Free Day celebrates the strength and beauty of those who dare to be bare-headed. Do not think being bald is a sign that you are weak. After all, when was the last occasion you considered Sean Connery or Bruce Willis ‘weak’? These men are symbols of virility, despite being bald. They are part of a rich history, with Mahatma Gandhi, a bald man who helped to expel the British from India, as well as other notable bald men.

Mikhail Gorbachev is a good choice. This Russian leader helped to bring down the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union. He also ended the cold war. It’s safe to say that he wore his bald hair to change the world, partly by criticizing Vladimir Putin, a man with a similarly bald scalp. Charles Darwin, the man who is arguably the most influential in science and the origin of the concept of evolution. True, Charles Darwin was another man who utterly transformed the world and also exposed his scalp to the rest of the world.

However, baldness doesn’t just affect women. Take a look at Britney Spears and Sinead O’Connor, two people who some might consider it offensive to use the same sentence. Sinead wore the hair she wore as rebellion against those who wanted to see her take on a more sexualized, feminine look to advance her career. To break the male fantasy in the music industry, she went bald and was very severe. Britney, during her most difficult time of trial, tried to get back control over the music industry by shaving her head. Powerful women indeed!

Be Bald and Free Day is the only reason to expose your head to the rest of the world. Are you accustomed to covering your bald head with a hat or a hairpiece? Or do you comb it to conceal it from the rest of the world? You don’t have to! Get out your razor, and let your hair down! You have the opportunity to share your magnificence with the world by participating in Be Bald and Free Day.


Oct 14 2023


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