Be Humble Day

Be Humble Day

Humility is perhaps the hardest virtue to attain. It seems paradoxical that the act of claiming humility can be seen as pride. Others might be proud of their humility or something similar. Be humble day focuses on humility.

Be humble day is not a place for boasting. It can be difficult to not brag about your achievements and abilities. The culture around us is often focused on one’s success and not the success of others.

Philosophers and average Joes alike have contemplated humility throughout the ages. This is a hard question to answer, and the ultimate answer may never be found. Perhaps the pursuit of humility is more important that the attaining.

The person who founded Be Humble Day is still unknown. This twist of irony is fascinating. It was clear that the person responsible for Be Humble Day didn’t take pride in starting a day of celebration. Maybe the person was so humble they didn’t think twice about instigating something that would go so far.

There are many ways to observe Be Humble Day, but they all need to be quiet and respectful of humility. It is important not to shout out that you are celebrating Be Humble Day. This would be detrimental. First, be humble.

You can keep your focus on what is important and the rest will follow. Don’t let your success and greatness get in the way of others. Be Humble Day is about supporting others and focusing their achievements. It’s a great way to encourage and give credit to a friend or coworker and keep the spirit of Be Humble Day alive.

These quotes are from great minds and will inspire you to be more humble on Be Humble Day.

C.S. Lewis, a Christian thinker and philosopher. C.S. Lewis, a Christian thinker, is best known for his Chronicles of Narnia books series. He said, “True humility does not mean thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of your self less.” This is a perfect quote for Be Humble Day. Criss Jami was an American philosopher and poet who observed that the biggest obstacle to success is not being able to talk about it.

Even if you think that you know something, stop and think about the words of Albert Einstein. “A true genius admits that they don’t know anything.” Perhaps this is a sign that we can all be more humble in our daily lives. Every day brings us opportunities to humble ourselves. Be Humble Day provides the perfect opportunity to look up and see these opportunities to improve ourselves and make the world a better place for everyone around you.


Feb 22 2023


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