Beaujolais Nouveau Day

Beaujolais Nouveau Day

Wine has a long, rich history. A deep and varied knowledge of wine’s various styles and vintages is a hallmark for true upper-class sophistication.

However, even wine lovers and vintners can recognize certain vintages as being of exceptional quality and are worthy of their ownership.

A good nose can distinguish the special aromas of wines and the subtle variations of regions, wine types, and manufacturing methods.

What does this all have to do Beaujolais Nouveau Day? Continue reading!

Beaujolais nouveau wine is made from Gamay grapes, which are delicious and look like jewels.

This vintage is so popular that there’s a competition for the first bottles to be released. They are always released on the third Thursday of November.

This wine is unique because it can be sold in the year it was harvested, which is contrary to French wine regulations. These wines are known as vin de primeur and are made from grapes such as the Gamay. They can be short fermented while still retaining a rich, fruity flavor that is sweetened with residual sugar.

This is by far the easiest celebration! Simply go to Beaujolais Nouveau’s latest run and share it with your friends. You don’t have to stop there, though. Vin de primeur wines are available all year, so you can introduce your friends to this unique vintage.

There are many wonderful wines to choose from, including the Rose Bordeaux and the Bourgogne Grand Ornamentaire.

Wine pairs well with cheese. This is something everyone knows. Beaujolais Nouveau Day can be your chance to discover new wines and cultures. Get together, friends!


Nov 17 2023


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