Beef Tallow Day

Beef Tallow Day

There are many ways beef tallow can be used. The safest and most effective way to use beef tenderloin is for cooking. Beef tallow has been deemed unhealthy due to its origin from an animal. Many organizations would agree that beef tallow is a better choice for nutritional fats. Beef Tallow Day is a day to change that.

Beef Tallow Day was established in 2017. It celebrates the tradition of beef tallow as a healthy fat and its return to American cuisine and culture. The Healthy Fats Coalition created Beef Tallow Day to remind people of the differences between unhealthy and healthy fats. The coalition includes multiple companies and organizations that support healthy fats. Healthy Fats Coalition is an education-focused organization that markets beef tallow and lard as healthy fats. It demonstrates how healthy trans fats can be replaced with healthy, unprocessed fats, which can improve food’s taste and overall health.

Beef Tallow, a fat made from beef, is known to taste better and add depth to fried foods. Coast Packing Company, a leading Western Coast fat shortening manufacturer, advocates beef tallow as a delicious and easy substitute. National French Fry Day was paired with this day to show people the difference in fat frying over vegetable oil or canola. Beef tallow has a stronger flavor and more robust palate, which can enhance any meal. It also contains monounsaturated oils which can help to keep your heart healthy. This day is designed to change how people view fats and encourage people to eat beef tallow more often.

An online seller that sells beef tenderloin, Coast Packing Company, is a better option if you are looking for healthier ways to obtain your nutritional fats. You might try substituting it for vegetable oils to see the difference. If you like the flavor, share the holiday using #beeftallowday on social media. Let everyone know how much beef tallow tastes better overall.


Jul 13 2023


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