Beer Day Britain

Beer Day Britain

It’s Beer Day Britain on June 15th! This day, named after the beer, is when all Britons raise their glasses and cheer for beer.

It’s one of our favorite drinks and there is nothing better than a refreshing ice-cold beer on a sunny day. On June 15th, we will be celebrating all things beer: from the amazing process of brewing it to its enjoyment while drinking it.

Beer’s rich history is so diverse that we cannot possibly give it justice in this article. It is a favorite drink worldwide, and it is undoubtedly the oldest alcoholic beverage.

Brewing is the process of fermenting water and cereal with yeast to make beer. There are many traditional methods for making beer, and historical records indicate that people have been brewing since at least 6000BC.

Beer Day Britain is a weekend of beer-based celebrations in Britain. It falls just before Father’s Day.

The date of June 15th is Beer Day Britain. This was because the Magna Carta was signed on that date in 1215. It states in article 35 that “Let there be throughout the kingdom a single measurement for wine, a single measuring for ale, and a single measuring for corn, namely, the London quarter” – proving that ale was as important back then, as it is now!

Jane Peyton, a beer enthusiast and author, founded Beer Day Britain. This day is supported by the largest organizations in Britain’s beer industry. This is yet another reason to pay attention!

There are many ways to celebrate beer and not just drinking it.

Brewers can get involved in brewing special beers for events. You can also host an event at your brewery, and then jump on social media by posting about it on Twitter and Facebook.

Pubs may host special events in honor of the day or offer a variety of beers to taste. A great idea is to offer matching lunch options.

Even if you are just a punter, this is the day for you to taste the beers that you haven’t tried yet. You might discover a new favorite tipple. Cheers!


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