Bicycle Day

Bicycle Day

Bicycle Day is rapidly approaching. Although we doubt it will ever be as popular as Thanksgiving, its popularity is increasing every year. It’s still a day that many people don’t understand, and others are completely confused about what it is. It’s not the obvious answer.

It has seen rapid growth and is expected to grow in 2020. The event will also continue to develop over the next years. It’s a unique thing to remember, even though some may find it strange, especially after they realize it’s not what it was. However, it is certain that it will continue to be a major event. It has every right to.

Bicycle Day is not the time to try that tongue twister.

You’d be forgiven if you thought that Bicycle Day was a celebration for the single-track, two-wheeled, pedal-driven bicycle. The celebration of the bicycle is reserved for World Bicycle Day. You can leave your Queen record and helmet behind for a while longer.

Bicycle Day is, incredibly, a celebration for the lysergic acids diethylamide. It is actually a celebration of LSD and other psychoactive substances. This is a major breakthrough in the history of LSD’s use as a psychiatric drug, both recreationally and in clinical situations.

Supporters of all ages and sexes celebrate the day in a variety of psychedelic communities. They want another excuse to add some color to their lives, but in a safer environment.

Bicycle Day is an appropriate celebration, given the importance of scientific discoveries and their indirect effects on future discoveries. It doesn’t take a lot of junk to appreciate the recent development of drugs for medical purposes. How did this day become one to be celebrated? Let’s find the answer.

Although the day doesn’t celebrate bicycles directly, many people who learn about it are relieved that these two-world vehicles play an integral part in the story. LSD users would find it strange that a bike isn’t available.

Albert Hofmann took the historic bike “trip” and it was quite literal. The effects of LSD on the body were discovered by a Swiss scientist in April 1945. He then conducted an experiment where he took 250mcg of the substance and rode home with his assistant. Hofmann experienced anxiety and paranoid thoughts about his neighbor as a witch on the return trip.

But, the trip would make his perceptions more positive. Later, he explained that he was able to appreciate the extraordinary colors and shapes behind his closed eyes slowly but surely. I was flooded with kaleidoscopic images that were amazing and varied. They exploded in colorful fountains and rearranged and hybridized themselves in constant flux.

After being checked by a house physician, it was found that there were no physical changes to the patient, other than dilated pupils. This confirmed that the effects had been psychological. Hofmann correctly predicted it after the previous encounter, but his calculations regarding the threshold were completely wrong. The 250mg dose was more than 10x the threshold dose of 20mg, which is probably why the effects were so noticeable and quick.

He lived to the age 102, so it was clear that it didn’t cause him any harm over the long-term.

Hofmann’s famous bicycle trip took place in 1945. Bicycle Day was not launched until four decades later! It’s been a long road…

Thomas B. Roberts was a Northern Illinois University Professor who organized the first Bicycle Day. It started out as a small party at his DeKalb home in Illinois. Although it was a small-scale event, it gained popularity quickly thanks to the students who spread the word via forums and other online platforms.

This event is now an annual one, and thousands of people celebrate it in their own way. People are encouraged to continue the celebrations year after year.

You can have a solo celebration by listening to some Beatles music (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds literally means “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”) while you read Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. It’s safe, easy, and trippy.

A few decorating changes can make small gatherings more enjoyable. You can make a big impact with canvas art or hanging rugs that are psychedelic. To create the right atmosphere, close the drapes and add lighting. The playlist should contain the following:

Bicycle Day can be very enjoyable if it is done safely. Even better, there is no major downtime, so you can quickly return to your normal life. Perfect.


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