Binge Day

Binge Day

Netflix has released Orange is the New Black’s newest season. If you’re like us, you know exactly where you’ll be. You’ll be able to watch the entire season on the TV in one sitting. Binge Day is the perfect day to catch up on your favourite series, whether it’s watching an old favorite, like Firefly, and/or grabbing the latest season of The Walking Dead in one sitting.

It used to be that television stations would host marathon events of older series or multi-part movies for their fans. But now, it’s something that happens every evening through services like Netflix and Hulu. Producers of films and movies are now releasing their shows specifically to satisfy the binge-watching habit. House of Cards is released in one-time releases, instead of having a weekly broadcast or release date. This is because their customers love to get lost in another world for a few seasons at a time.

Although binge-watching can make people feel guilty for watching too many episodes, there are some real benefits to binge-watching. You can relax, let go of all the stresses of the day, and enjoy binge-watching your favorite shows for a while. Binge Day is an escape from the constant digital connectivity and frantic activity that many people experience every day.

Binge Day is easy to celebrate. All you have to do is pick your favorite show and spend the day binging them all. You don’t have to do this alone, get together your friends and binge-watch your favorite shows! You can get creative! You can make your own snacks and food to keep you going throughout the night. Decorate your home to match the series and get a special cake. Binge-watching doesn’t mean you have to eat a whole series in one sitting. It’s about enjoying the enjoyment and relaxation that binge watching brings into your life.


Sep 25 2023


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