Black Cat Awareness Month

Black Cat Awareness Month

There are many superstitions about felines with sable fur. The most common is that luck will turn against you if there is one person walking in front of you.

However, this should be a reminder that Groucho Marx probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It is clear that a black cat is going somewhere when it walks up to you. This is when you should give treats or pet the cat. You will not see any change in your luck by making these choices.

International Black Cat Awareness Month is spreading more than one message. It’s all about awareness of black cats, and that month of October is just thirty-one days long.

Folklore has it that the belief in black cats as bad luck originated sometime around Europe’s Middle Ages. Black cats can be thought to be a sign that death is imminent, while others believe they are disguised witches. The same beliefs that link black crows to things of the dark are responsible for the association with black.

Layla Morgan Wilde noticed that there were only two black cat awareness days in the world, one in the UK and one in the US. But there was nothing on a national scale.

Wilde understood that such an observation was crucial. Because black cat superstitions had grown so out of control, shelters were unable to adopt them during October. Too many cats were adopted to celebrate Halloween. They would then be abandoned or worse, taken away. Wilde decided to change it.

It can be difficult to find black cats for adoption during the rest of the year. It is even more difficult! Black cats are adopted at half the rate of other colors of cats, which can be confusing for cat lovers of all kinds. The sable-furred cat is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

The month of October is designated as the best time to give a loving home and pay attention to black cats.

These are some ideas to celebrate Black Cat Awareness Month with your cat lover friends or on your own.

It is important to dispel the myths about black cats and their luck-altering abilities. One interesting fact to mention is that black cats were considered divine creatures by ancient Egyptians. The Irish believed that a black cat on the front porch brought good luck. Japanese people also hold black cats high in their hearts as symbols of wealth and success.

However, black cats aren’t evil or witches, as cat lovers know. They are no different from any other cat color. They are adorable and lovable cats that require love from kind people!

If you are considering adopting a kitten from a shelter, consider adopting one of the black kittens to make sure they find a home. It’s even better if the kitten has special needs! Special needs cats are adopted at lower rates than healthy black kittens. This is why special needs black kittens need extra love!

Black Cat Awareness Month is the perfect time to show your love for a black furbaby or help another adopt one.

Volunteering at your local shelter is a great way to give back, not just this month, but all year. Shelters often take in dogs and cats. They need help cleaning out their cages and taking care of them.

They may also require office staff to help them arrange to adopt the animals. To find out what type of volunteer assistance they may need, check with your local shelter.

Black Cat Awareness Month is here! Get excited and show your support for these animals that are completely loveable, but helpless.


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