Black Poetry Day

Black Poetry Day encourages people to take the time to appreciate and read the powerful, lyrical and poignant words of Black poets.

Jupiter Hammon (poet and writer, and preacher), became the first published black author in the United States on October 17, 1761. This opened the door for many other Black poets and authors to share their talents with the world. Black Poetry Day, which is celebrated every year on the 250th anniversary of this historic event, has been around for more than 250 years.

Black Poetry Day began in 1985 to honor the work of Black poets and to pay respect to Black literacy, heritage, culture, and culture. Black poets’ contributions to the world provide a rich and inspiring insight into their culture, history, and experiences throughout the centuries and today.

These voices are important and you can join in the celebration of Black Poetry Day.

These are some of the interesting ideas that you can use to observe and celebrate Black Poetry Day.

Black Poetry Day is traditionally celebrated by people gathering together to listen to poetry written by Black authors. If you prefer to read poetry from a book rather than attending an event, it may be worth looking into poetry collections.

It’s possible that local libraries, bookshops, and schools will host poetry readings in honor of Black Poetry Day. These events could also be held in jazz clubs, or at open mic nights. You can find out more about local poetry readings, recitals, or slams by visiting the bulletin board or community page.


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