Boss’s Day

Boss’s Day

Yes that’s right, Boss’s Day is an actual thing! Love them or loathe them there is a day dedicated to them! Recognised annually on October 16th this campaign focuses on strengthening the bond between employers and their employees.

Celebrated on October 16 in the United States, Canada and some other countries, National Boss’s Day was registered with the United States Chamber of Commerce in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haroski. She chose the date for the celebration as the 16th October because that was her boss’s birthday. her boss also happened to be her father so we reckon she was slightly biased! LOL. The day was officially proclaimed Boss’s Day in 1962 by the Governor of Illinois.

The day was established to demonstrate appreciation and recognition for all good bosses out there and the tough roles that they hold. We recognise that not all of you will be as keen to celebrate such a day, but if that is the case, why not use it as an opportunity to build bridges or create a better relationship with your boss.

And if you do have a great relationship with your boss, Hallmark cards have been selling Boss’s Day cards since 1979, so spread the love and show your appreciation! You never know…they might let you go home early!



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