Break The Monotony Day

Break The Monotony Day

Get up. Shower. Dress up. Enjoy a cup of coffee. Have the same bagel and cream cheese. Do your commute. Get to work. Do the same job as yesterday. Get up. Commute home. Dinner. TV. Sleep. Tomorrow, do it again.

A steady schedule can provide some security, but too many of the same things can lead to a monotony that can kill you. Have you ever taken a day off to do something different? Are you able to change your daily routine by just a little bit? Break the Monotony Day reminds you that change can be good.

Break the Monotony Day was founded out of the realization by people from all cultures and generations that there is one thing that remains constant. It would be consistency.

We become so used to a routine that we don’t want to change it. Break the Monotony Day encourages us to make small changes in our daily routines and see what happens.

A brief break in the daily routine that resulted in a series events that profoundly altered lives has made entire lives different. Two people, who have never crossed paths before, had their routines changed for one day. This led to romantic and professional relationships. Break the Monotony Day celebrates such events and encourages people to try new routines for a day to see if they bring about change.

This is at most a very simple task. Change what you do every day by taking a look at your habits. What is the best way to get to work every day? Even if you have to leave a little early, consider a different route.

Do you want to stop at the same coffee shop every step of the way? You never know who you might meet when you try a new one. You can even change the way you make your breakfast by changing out an English Muffin and switching to a Bagel or substituting ham and cheese with butter.

You can be bold and change something big if you feel really daring. Do something different for Break the Monotony Day, regardless of what you do!


Aug 20 2024


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