Brew Monday

Brew Monday is one of the easiest days to celebrate. It’s a chance to meet up, have a chat, and listen to their thoughts. These kinds of relationships are intended to help people stay connected and prevent depression, despair, and suicide.

Brew Monday is here!

Depression and mental health problems, especially in winter, are not new concepts. People have been able to relate for centuries about the winter blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a diagnosisable form of depression, has emerged in recent years and continues to affect a multitude of people from different parts of the globe.

Brew Monday’s history is tied to winter blahs, especially in January right in the middle.

Blue Monday was first discovered in the UK by Sky Travel in 2005. Cliff Arnall, a psychologist, was consulted by the company to devise a formula that determined the third Monday in January to be the most depressing.

These claims have been disproven over time, but one positive response to Blue Monday was provided by the Samaritans. This non-religious charity in the UK focuses on suicide prevention.

Chad Varah was a vicar and cartoonist who was in England at the time. He realized that many people were struggling and needed help. He created a hotline that people could call when they were considering suicide. The Daily Mirror called him the “Telephone Good Samaritan”. Varah began to add people to his help, and the result was Samaritans. This charitable organization now has more than 22,000 volunteers.

The idea of Blue Monday was born in the mid-2000s. Samaritans saw this as a depressing day and decided to do something about it. They came up with “Brew Monday”, which encourages people to make a cup of tea or coffee and talk to someone. It’s an easy but effective way to keep in touch and avoid the despair and loneliness that often accompany suicide attempts.

Brew Monday encourages people to do small things that make a big impact!

Brew Monday is an opportunity to care for and pay attention to those who may need it. These are some ideas you can implement to honor and celebrate Brew Monday.

Brew Monday is a great opportunity to text or call someone you care about and check in on them. Invite them to have coffee or tea with you, or to talk to each other. This is a wonderful time to offer support and guidance for someone who might be feeling lonely or depressed.

Being a good listener is one of the most important skills that you can use to help someone in need. Good listening skills include being attentive to body language and other non-verbal cues and asking questions. Also, make eye contact, reflect back and ask good questions.

Brew Monday can be adopted by local communities through hosting events or activities that promote suicide prevention and raise awareness. Brew Monday events are available online or in person. They can be focused on the idea of getting together with those you care about and checking in.

One group might consider turning Brew Monday into a fundraiser for charity, such as Samaritans. A cafe, community space or other venue might host an event where participants can enjoy free coffee or tea and make a donation of $5 to a suicide prevention charity. It offers participants the chance to meet and socialize while also giving back to a worthy cause.

Brew Monday is a great motivator for people who are passionate about helping those who are suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. This is a great opportunity to find a local charity that meets your needs.

People can seek out help from a doctor, counselor or mental health professional if they are experiencing depression. It is important to keep in touch with family and friends on a regular basis, but many people find that counseling or therapy can help them heal their wounds and maintain a healthy mental state throughout the year. You can use Brew Monday to encourage someone you love to see a counselor or make an appointment.

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