Bridge Day

Bridge Day

Bridge Day is not a celebration of bridges, contrary to what it sounds like. It’s a celebration of the world of BASE jumping, and not just of bridges. Bridge Day is a celebration of adrenaline junkies who jump from Buildings, Antenna’s and Spans (the aforementioned bridges) and Earth (cliff jumping). It was created to provide a formal event for them all and recognize the daredevils.

Bridge Day, which is held on the third Saturday of October, is the biggest formalized jumping event in the world. Since 1980, hundreds of BASE jumpers have gathered every year to take part in this extreme sport. This sport uses parachutes and wingsuits. It has a solid following, even though it’s still considered extreme.

Bridge Day, which is prohibited in certain areas, is both a celebration and a push for legitimacy among its followers. A BASE number is awarded to BASE jumpers who have successfully jumped from at least one category.

Phil Smith and Phil Mayfield were the first to do this (cautious parents beware, this could be a warning about naming your children Phil). They are now BASE #1/BASE #2. Night BASE #1 was created as a separate category for night-time jumpers. It was first won by Phil Mayfield and then again by Phil Smith.

Since the beginning of science’s history, parachuting attempts have been made and failed. At first, Faust Vrancic was initially credited with having attempted it. These were all isolated events. Parachuting was a hobby that began in 1978. Parachuting has been a prominent feature in action movies and other cinema since then.

Bridge Day is a great day for those who love a good show. You can attend any of the many events held around the globe. It’s hard to find anything more entertaining than watching daredevils descend hundreds of feet to the ground like gentle leaves, or in the case with wingsuits, as diving raptor bird.

You can also participate if you are particularly brave. BASE jumping can be a dangerous hobby so make sure to find a trainer and a group that will educate you about safe practices and make sure it’s legal in your area.

Sometimes all you need is to let go of the earth and all other things for a while.


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