British Pie Week

British Pie Week

Pie is a delicious dish that brings so many flavors to our lives. This delicious dish, whether sweet or savoury, has been loved by many people since its inception.

Today, the British are well-known for their incredible selection of pies. Many people want to celebrate this achievement.

British Pie Week encourages people to enjoy pie and learn about the many variations and recipes that go with it.

Jus-Rol was a British pastry-rolling firm that makes ready-to-bake pastries doughs suitable for all occasions. They founded British Pie Week in 2007. Pierate, a website that bakes hundreds of pies, decided to take over British Pie Week. Jus-Rol no longer has a Twitter account and was not active since 2016. Pierate hosts their own competitions each year and ranks pies based on their taste and construction. This inspires others in Britain.

Jus-Rol estimates that 75% of Americans enjoy pie at least once per month. This holiday is gaining popularity among those who love pie.

People from all over the UK make the effort to attend their local pie-baking competitions each year and to get some delicious pie recipes.

People love to eat their favorite foods, whether it’s sweet like a Bilberry pie or savory like a chicken-leek pie.

You can try British Pie Week by finding a traditional British pie recipe. Then, see if you can create a delicious meal everyone will love.

You can try different recipes during the week to find the one you love the most. Visit a British Pie Week event if you are in Britain to see the best bakers.


Mar 06 - 12 2025


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