Burghfield BoxKart Bash Day

Burghfield BoxKart Bash Day

Burghfield BoxKart Bash Day celebrates the bizarre world of designing and building non-motorized vehicles that can be used to navigate and climb hills and transport large crowds into raptures.

This is a wild, exciting, and fun-filled celebration of rustic racing at its best. Teams compete in a race to the finish all in aid of charity, pride, and personal achievement.

Burghfield BoxKart Day is now a worldwide event. It’s a great excuse to meet up with creative friends, learn new mechanic and DIY skills, and create a vehicle monster that can leave rivals behind.

While it is a lot of fun for most, the top contenders are determined to win. If you’ve ever wondered if you have the ability to negotiate chicanes at high speeds without having to go into Formula 1, this could be your chance to get the pulse racing and help a worthy cause.

Burghfield BoxKart Bash day evolved from the early Soap Box racing in America. Bob Turner, an 11-year-old boy from Muncie, Indiana, won the first Soap Box Derby in Dayton, in 1934.

Turner was clearly gifted in both design and driving. He built his wagon from wood he had gathered at a bar. BoxKart racing quickly became a popular sport and is now celebrated all over the world, including in the UK.

A global manufacturer of energy drinks launched an advertisement campaign in 2000 that featured BoxKart racing. Then came a series events that challenged creative thinkers and speedsters to compete against other teams in front large audiences. This hobby has grown in popularity and people all over the world have felt compelled to try it.

The UK hosts an annual event called Burghfield, where thousands of people watch as carts race down the downhill track and chaos ensues.

Burghfield BoxKart Day is best celebrated by flexing your design skills and channeling your inner petrolhead. Then, form a team and get ready to race against other racers. If you don’t feel like risking your life for a day of fun, there are plenty of events around the area that will allow you to join the cheering crowds.

The majority of frenetic, frantic dashes are organized to raise money for charities. There’s often a variety of activities and things to do in addition to the main event. To help raise funds, many events offer refreshments, live entertainment and raffles.

Burghfield BoxKart bash Day offers a chance for people to have fun, let loose and embrace the silliness of races that are filled with tension and drama.


Jun 19 2025


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