Burn Awareness Week

Burn Awareness Week

Scalds and burns can cause serious injuries and can even lead to death. To prevent fires, awareness campaigns can be used to create protocols and methods of managing the environment safely.

Burn Awareness Week is about how you can protect yourself and your family from fires and raise awareness about the devastating effects that burning can have on communities around the globe.

Burn Awareness Week raises awareness about the dangers of burns. It brings together burn survivors support groups, burn awareness organizations, and injury prevention activists to educate others about the devastating effects of burns on their lives.

The American Burn Association estimates that more than 300,000 scald injuries were caused by household appliances such as stoves, cookware and bathtubs. These individuals were sent to emergency rooms in the United States between 2013 and 2017. This holiday was created by the American Burn Association to reduce the number of burn injuries, and to educate people about the most common burn injuries and how they can be prevented.

People gather during the week to tell their stories, educate citizens about burns and improve the lives, health, and safety of their families.

The ABA is a federally recognized holiday in America. It includes physicians, nurses, occupational, physical therapists, social workers, firefighters, and hospitals that have burn centers. They promote the holiday, teach local governments about it, and help other communities to prevent fire burns.

Begin by speaking to your local mayor, governor, or congressman to discuss the importance of Burn Awareness Week. If your company is focused on health and lifestyle, you can organize a press conference and plan a fundraising event with your coworkers.

Invite your community to an open house. Share some information about burns in your region. Flyers with tips for avoiding burns can be handed out. To share the story of a survivor, bring them to your event.

Use the hashtag #burnawarenessweek to share this holiday and encourage friends to be more prepared for fires and scalds.


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