Cabernet Franc Day

Cabernet Franc Day

Cabernet Franc is a great red wine to go with many delicious dishes. It’s a lesser-known Cabernet Franc, so many people are still curious about it. What wines pair well with it? Where did it come from?

These and many other fascinating answers are available when you head to France to learn more about Cabernet Franc Day!

Cabernet Franc was established in the Libournais region in southwest France during the 17th century, when Cardinal Richelieu brought vine cuttings to Loire Valley.

These vine cuttings were originally planted at Bourgueil Abbey under the supervision of Breton, who became synonymous with the grape. In 1820, Cabernet Franc plantings (also known as Bouchet), were discovered throughout Fronsac and Pomerol with the intent of making quality wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon became more popular over the 18th and 19th century. As a result, similarities between the grapes were observed. Theories began to emerge about the extent of their relationship. DNA evidence showed that Cabernet Franc crossed with Sauvignon blanc at one point to create Cabernet Sauvignon in 1997. Experts believe this was an accident and not a planned event.

Although records of Cabernet Franc in Bordeaux date back to the 18th century it is believed that the grape was planted in the Loire well before then. DNA analysis has also shown that Cabernet Franc is one parent of Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carmenere.

Cabernet Franc is a major black grape variety. It is primarily grown to blend with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Merlot in Bordeaux style. However, it can also be vinified in its own right as in the Loire’s Chinon.

Cabernet Franc is lighter in weight than Cabernet Sauvignon. This makes it a brighter, more pale-colored red wine. It also lends a peppery fragrance to blend with other robust grapes.

The unique flavor of this wine is spicy, with a moderate to high level in tannins. It also has lower levels of acidity than Cabernet Sauvignon. Additional aromas may include violets, tobacco, bell pepper, cassis and raspberry depending on where they were grown and the style of wine. You might also find some tart notes, which can be paired with hints of plums and berries.

Cab Franc grapes were originally from France. They are now grown in all wine-producing countries around the world and are often blended with other grapes to create blended wines.

Cabernet Franc has seen a wonderful revival of interest in North America in recent years. This includes places like Washington, California, New York and up north in Canada.

As a way to celebrate, raise a glass to Cab Franc wine to honor its uniqueness. These are some ideas to celebrate, either alone or with friends.

Cabernet Franc Day is celebrated by enjoying a glass of Cabernet Franc and a delicious home-cooked meal. A Cabernet Franc wine paired with a delicious home-cooked meal can make an evening more special. You can pair it with a plate of grilled steaks, chops, salmon, or portobello mushrooms and peppers for a vegetarian option.

Cabernet Franc is a great wine to serve at a party. It’s a wonderful wine to enjoy with friends and family after the party is over.

Learn more about Cabernet Franc Day to impress your family and friends. As one of twenty most planted grapes in vineyards around the globe, this little grape packs a powerful punch!

Book a trip to Libournais to see the original place. The beautiful Loire Valley wine region can be found in central France along the Loire River. It is easily accessible from Paris, and it would be fun to take a day trip from the capital.


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