Canadian Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a Canadian holiday that falls on the second Monday in October since 1957. Canadian Thanksgiving allows people to express gratitude for the good fortunes of the past year, which includes a harvest. We will show you how Canadian Thanksgiving is different from American Thanksgiving. Let’s learn more…

Canada didn’t celebrate thanksgiving until long before European settlers arrived. Native Americans in America celebrated the harvest and its bounty long before European explorers and colonists arrived. In order to express gratitude for a special fortune, early European thanksgivings were held. Martin Frobisher’s 1578 ceremony is an example. This ceremony was held after he had survived a long journey to seek a passage to Asia.

Many thanksgivings of the 18th century were held after notable events. Canadians first experienced a thanksgiving festival every year after fleeing civil war in the United States. Although Thanksgiving Day was first observed in 1879, there were many themes and the day was different every year. For many years, the most popular theme was “Blessings from an abundant harvest”. However, King Edward VII’s coronation as well as Queen Victoria’s golden and diamond jubilees later on made this the main theme.

Between the end of WW1 and 1930, Thanksgiving Day, as well as Armistice Day, were observed on the Monday closest to the 11th November. This is the date that marked official the end of hostilities during WW1. In 1931, Remembrance Day was created to replace Armistice Day. In addition, Thanksgiving was moved to the Monday of October. It has been held on the second Monday of October since 1957.

Canadian Thanksgiving is often associated with European harvest festivals. A common image people associate with this time of the year is a cornucopia, which is a horn that is filled full of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Latin for “Horn of Plenty”, the cornucopia is also known as the “Horn of Plenty”. This was an ancient symbol for abundance and bounty. Canadian Thanksgiving is also represented by large displays of food such as turkeys, pumpkins, and corn ears.

Canadian Thanksgiving is a public holiday. Many people take the day off from work. Post offices, schools, and many businesses are closed. Public transport services are often not available at all, and there is a reduction in their operating hours. Different rules and regulations apply to different areas. This day in Nova Scotia is, for example, a retail closing date. This means that not all retail businesses are allowed to close and employees can refuse to work. This is considered a day off in New Brunswick. Businesses must close on this day.

Many people will be able to take the day off from work for Canadian Thanksgiving. They will have a three-day weekend to spend with their family and friends at home or visiting those far away. A tradition is to prepare a special dinner to be enjoyed at different times throughout the weekend. It will typically include a roast turkey and seasonal produce such as corn ears, pecan nuts, and pumpkin.

Many people choose to spend a brief autumn vacation during this time. Because it is often the last chance to rent a cottage or holiday home before winter sets in, this is a great time to do so. Outdoor breaks to enjoy the beautiful autumn colors in Canada, fishing and hiking are all popular activities during this period. You might decide to enjoy the Thanksgiving Day Classic matches if you’re a fan of Canadian Football League.

No matter how you celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, remember that it is a day to give thanks. It is important to reflect on all the things you are grateful for. You should take this opportunity to express gratitude to those who have made a difference in your life. A simple “thank you” can go a long way.

Many people think of the U.S. when they hear the words thanksgiving. So, you might be asking if these holidays are the same. They have some key differences. Black Friday in the United States, which is a major retail sales event, is often held alongside Thanksgiving. Boxing Day is the Canadian equivalent. It occurs two months after Thanksgiving.

In Canada, parades and football tend to be smaller. Similar to the U.S., there will be football marathons on the same day. This gives families the chance to see a lot of sports. The traditions have been streamlined a bit.

It’s also important to note that Thanksgiving Day in America is held in November and not October. This is due to a variety of reasons. The Canadian Thanksgiving is about gratitude for harvest season and not about pilgrims arriving. Geographically, Canada is farther north than the U.S. The Canadian harvest season will arrive slightly earlier than the American one. It makes sense that Canadian Thanksgiving should be celebrated in October rather than November.


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