Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day 2022 is an international event to raise awareness of cancer, sufferers and survivors, the event is held on Sunday June 5th, and on the first Sunday in June every year.

In the UK the event is run by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation, an organisation dedicated to supporting survivors and improving their quality of life by providing advice, information and education to hospitals, medical establishments, cancer support groups and other cancer support organisations. A survivor is anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and survived, but even survivors have lasting effects on their lives left by the cancer, and this can affect them and their family in numerous ways.

The day is a day of celebration for all cancer survivors and their friends and families and a day to raise awareness of cancer and how it affects lives.The event is a celebration of who have survivors, hope for the newly diagnosed, support for affected families and outreach in the community.

Anyone can arrange an event for Cancer Survivors Day, all they have to do is contact the foundation and register the event and get the support and advice needed for running the event as well as ordering any merchandise needed for the event, there is a deadline for ordering merchandise and registering events.

Events for the day include meetings of survivors, meals, bake sales and coffee mornings, sponsored events, social events, dances, parades, pamper days, and much more, any fun and social way of fundraising and awareness raising is possible.

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