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Candle- what? Candlemas! This holiday is often referred to as Candlemas, but you may not have understood its meaning. Let’s get it right now! Two answers are possible, depending on how you view it. The Christian view is the most common, followed by the ancient perspective of how the day was celebrated prior to Christianity.

Let’s take a look at each view to help you understand them both and find a way for Candlemas to be a part your annual celebrations. Ready? Let’s get cracking to find out more.

Candlemas Day is also known by the Feast of The Purification of Blessed Virgin Mary, or the Feast of Jesus Christ’s Presentation. It is a Holy Day of the Christian religion that commemorates the time Jesus was presented to the Temple. This account is found in Luke 2;22-40 of The Bible. This date is when Christians often take down their Christmas decorations. Many people today don’t follow this tradition and choose to take down their Christmas decorations on Twelfth Night. This is the Epiphany’s eve. Some people just take them down when it’s convenient. For those who wish to keep with tradition, they will take down their Christmas decorations on that date.

Many Christians bring candles to church with them. The candles will be blessed and will be used for the remainder of the year. This is particularly true for Roman Catholics and Orthodox as well as Lutherans, Methodists and Methodists. Because they are considered a symbol for Jesus Christ, the candles are vital. You will be familiar with the Bible’s teachings, which often refer to Jesus as the Light of The World.

On this day, there are many celebrations. It’s fascinating to see the different ways countries celebrate this day. You can find all of this information online. One example is the Peruvian festival of music, dancing and culture, which takes place in the first fortnight February. Many events are held in honor of the Virgin de Candelaria, who is the patron saint for Puno, a city in Peru.

Mexican tradition includes family meals featuring tamales, a traditional Mesoamerican dish. This symbolic day also includes the adoration of and dressing up of Jesus Christ. This day marks the end of Christmas in Puerto Rico. This day will see many different celebrations.

The statue of “Virgen de La Candelaria” is carried on the shoulders. People follow behind them with lit candles. This day in Luxembourg is very focused on children. Children and adults will be in small groups, singing traditional songs and carrying lanterns or wands to each house they pass. It is hoped that children will be rewarded for singing songs. This is usually some sweets or loose change. It used to be biscuits, bacon, peas or bacon.

Celebrations are held in France, Belgium, and Switzerland Romandy. This is the day of crepes! Everyone gets to enjoy delicious crepes and everyone is asked to light all the candles. Tradition dictates that manger scenes should not be displayed until Candlemas.

As ancient people began to look forward to spring’s planting season, many cultures came up with ways to celebrate the transition from dark and cold days to a more productive and happy time of year. Ancient Celts used this time of the year to honour Goddess Brigid. Brigid was the Goddess for fertility and purification. They would honour her by moving from the village to the fields and praying for the health of the soil before they planted. Romans attributed their festival to Lupercus. This was the God of fertility and shepherds. Again, this played into the desire to break winter’s chains and bring light and fertility to the planting season.

The world saw the rise of Christianity and they decided to have a festival of light at this time. In the Christian tradition, candlemas is known as the Feast for the Presentation of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Feast for the Purifications of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The churches bring all the candles forward to be used throughout the year in a tradition called “Candlemas.”

How can you get involved in the Candlemas celebrations? You can do this by following the amazing tradition of packing all your decorations you have spent so much time planning. Don’t forget about looking under the couch, or wherever your pet prefers to hide all the small things that are missing from your home – you might just find socks! You don’t want to parade down the streets praying over the fields. You can bring the light of God’s blessing to your home by lighting all your candles and taking them to a church for blessing. This is a common practice today, believing that the blessing will bring prosperity to your home. You can’t get more blessings right? !

Are you looking for something a bit more adventurous? What about taking a leisurely stroll with a group of stampeding bulls? This is what Mexicans do during a week-long religious celebration. Perhaps this is not your cup of tea. You might try crepes and tamales, which are a traditional dish in many countries around the globe. While you are enjoying these delicious treats, consider writing down your goals for the coming year. As you begin to “grow” the outcome, this is symbolic of “planting”.


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