CD Player Day

CD Player Day

The history of music collections has seen some major changes, from vinyl to 8-Track to cassette to CD to MP3 players to our smartphones. The CD Player is a symbol of one of the most significant changes in the music industry. The CD Player was able to replace all those clunky cassette tapes, and it quickly became a household name. It is packed with special features and music that is more than any cassette could contain.

CD Player Day’s history is actually the history of the CD Player and, by extension, of the CD’s they listen to. Are you familiar with the meaning of CD player? We do! Compact Disc is the best storage solution ever invented. It is a 1.2m thick plastic disc with a spiral of data that causes optical refraction to the viewer. This creates a rainbow that we believe represents the incredible variety of sounds that can all be bound within.

The CD Player, a product of Sony, was released in 1982. It would make a huge impact on the consumption of audio and media. Although the cost was prohibitively high, at $2,200 and CDs selling for $33-$45 respectively, it was still affordable to the average person. But that didn’t last. As technology improved, prices began to drop. In 1985 Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms CD was released and quickly became the first to sell more than a million copies. Officially, the CD Player was here to stay.

Although it was obvious that CD’s would replace cassette tapes, it was not clear that technophiles would find the same solution. It was faster and more durable than other storage formats and could store far more data than any other. This is the future of computing.

First, get out your old Discman. Next, dig out all your CD’s from storage. We know that you have most of your music stored on your hard disk or in the cloud. But on CD Player Day, it’s time for us to go back in time and revisit an older format, which is still very reliable. CD Player Day is a great opportunity to show your CDs some love!


Jan 10 2025


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