Cesarean Section Day

Cesarean Section Day

This important surgery has saved the lives countless numbers of babies and women over the past 200 year. National Cesarean Section Day is a celebration of the lives of those around the globe who wouldn’t be here without this crucial surgical procedure.

Childbirth has been an important, but dangerous, experience for mothers and babies since the beginning of human history. The mortality rate for mothers and babies in ancient times was much higher than it is today.

C-section births, also known as Cesarean sections, date back to Roman times. However it was used to save babies still in the womb of mothers who had lost their baby during childbirth. Although it is possible to save the mother with surgery, some Jewish texts suggest that this was not common and dangerous. Usually, the mother could not recover.

Jesse Bennett was the first American doctor to deliver a baby and save the mother with cesarean sections. He was born in 1794. In the British Empire, in the early 1800s was the first successful cesarean surgery performed by a woman surgeon.

Modern doctors have improved the techniques for performing cesarean sections. They are now able to perform this type of surgery with great success for babies and women who have specific health conditions.

National Cesarean Section Day was created to celebrate the miracles and advances in modern medicine and life!

These are some reasons to celebrate National Cesarean Section Day and show your appreciation:

It is a time to celebrate the lives of mothers and babies who have had this procedure. Although surgery is not the most preferred method for babies to enter the world at birth, National Cesarean Section Day recognizes the medical advancements that have saved so many lives. This day is for those who have a friend or family member who has had this procedure.

National Cesarean Section Day is a day to celebrate those who want to become moms or dads in the near future.

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