Check Your Batteries Day

Check Your Batteries Day

It can be irritating to hear the smoke alarm go off. Your smoke alarm will sound to remind you to change your batteries.

Check Your Batteries Day is an opportunity to educate people about changing their batteries and why they are important.

Check Your Batteries Day is a day of Daylight Savings Time. It is a great time to make sure your batteries are charged up on smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. This is why it’s important.

These detectors can save lives. Before the invention these electronics, it was almost impossible to detect carbon monoxide and smoke.

In the 1890s, smoke detectors were first invented. Smoke detectors were able to respond quicker than heat detectors due to the invention and patenting by Walter Jaeger, George Andrew Darby, and Walter Jaeger of the smoke detector.

The use of radon, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors has significantly reduced the number of deaths. It is possible to continue saving lives by changing the batteries. The ServiceMaster Restore found that 57% of Americans followed the best practices and did so within the last six months.

It is possible to save money and protect your family by changing the batteries every month. According to UL, a safety-focused company, smoke alarms have reduced the average escape time from 17 minutes to three minutes over the past decade. Change your batteries and smoke alarms this month!

Learn how to care for your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide and radon alarms. Keep an eye on the manufacturer date and upgrade your smoke alarm to lithium batteries. Also, use interconnected alarms to ensure that all smoke alarms in your house go off.

Flyers that show the benefits of smoke alarms for everyone can be created if you are passionate about this topic. These flyers can be posted around your community. Teach your children fire safety and how to change the smoke alarm’s batteries.

Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #checkyourbatteriesday and keep your families safe by replacing the batteries.


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